Common Pricing Questions

How Deep Should My Insulation Be?

The Dept of Energy recommends an R49 level of insulation for N TX. Most homes would be doing good if they had at least an R38 level. Thats about 10" of cellulose or about 15" of fiberglass.


Is There A Cost Difference Between Fiberglass and Cellulose Insulation?

Yes there is a cost difference. See the pricing calculator. Cellulose costs less per inch of insulation and requires less insulation to achieve the desired R-value.


Do I Have To Be Home For The Estimate?

Most estimates are done over the phone. If an at-home estimate is required, you must be home to let someone in to measure your attic.


Can I Get An Estimate Over The Phone?

You can get an Estimate and an actual Quote over the phone ! If you know how many square feet your attic is, we can help you decide how many additional inches is best for you. If your measurements are off, not to worry. You ultimately pay only for the quantity of insulation that we blow in. If your order is placed entirely over the phone, without our having to come out to measure your attic, we give a discount of $.02/square foot ! However, if you would rather us come out to measure your attic and meet you, we will be happy to do so !


What If I Do Not Know The Square Footage Of My Attic?

Someone can either come out and measure your attic, or it can be determined off of the Appraisal District's website. Most homeowners usually order their insulation as "I want to add an R30 level of fiberglass insulation over 2000 sq ft of my home." If that home is actually only 1800 sq ft, the same amount of insulation will still be blown in, but spread over 1800 sq ft rather than 2000 sq ft.

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Enter Attic Square Footage:

Select Depth of Insulation:


Add R11 (3.3")

Add R13 (3.8")

Add R19 (5.6")

Add R22 (6.5")

Add R26 (7.8")

Add R30 (9")

Add R38 (10.9")

Add R44 (12.9")

Add R49 (14.1")

Standard Yellow Fiberglass
Add R11 (5.25")

Add R13 (6")

Add R19 (8.25")

Add R22 (9.25")

Add R26 (10.75")

Add R30 (12")

Add R38 (14.75")

Add R44 (16.75")

Add R49 (18.25")

No-Itch White Fiberglass
Add R11 (4.25")

Add R13 (5")

Add R19 (7.4")

Add R22 (8.4")

Add R26 (9.6")

Add R30 (10.8")

Add R38 (13.5")

Add R44 (15.5")

Add R49 (17.25")

Your Estimated Cost Is:

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